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Render-ray is an online CG community which is created by CG artist & Interior designer Orkut ERSOY, In Render-ray you can download our free tutorials, and free 3D scenes (Templates) of the worlds leading rendering engines like V-Ray, Brazil, Mental-Ray, Final Render, Maxwell, Fry-render, Z-Brush and  Renderman,  with the usage of your favorite 3d Packages like 3D max, Cinema 4d, Lightwave, Z-Brush Maya, and Softimage XSI.

To have more free 3D scenes and tutorials for our Community, we create “Upload one to Download five” system which means that with your free membership, you can download maximum “5 free 3D scenes” of Render-ray. If you would like to continue downloading, you have to share “upload “a scene or a tutorial of your own. The more you upload, the more you can download. For unlimited downloads without uploading obligations you have to be a premium member.
All around the world there are some Computer Graphics Artists, who doesn’t have the possibility to improve themselves, because the training DVDs, tutorials, models, scenes, which can make them learn and improve themselves, are so much expensive. In the other hand, it’s difficult to find the contents that can help by using Internet neither. That’s why The sprit of Render-ray community is to unite the world’s 3D CG artists to share their experience, 3D scenes, textures, models, their little secrets, their tutorials, and their point of views.
Render-ray's Mission is to respect, to share, to teach, to learn but the most important is to help the ones who doesn’t have the opportunity.
To do that, Render-ray provides a range of services that includes: forums, E-Commerce, galleries, 3d scene source file downloads, tutorials, friend invitations, contests, job boards, event calendars and announcements to help our users develop their computer graphics and rendering skills for their personal and professional CG Life.
Download and learn how our members and our professional team prepare the render scenes. Modify them and create a new 3D scene. Make a professional render of your own. Share it with the Render-ray Community.
See Render-ray as a free on-line training CG Academy. Share, Learn, and find a job

Renderray team

Render-ray has 22 Tutorials, 89 Scenes in our database.