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Welcome to our tutorial page. Here, by using our tutorial search engine, you will find a large collection of free tutorials about the usage of the rendering engines of V-Ray, Brazil, Mental-Ray, Final Render, Maxwell and more over by using the 3D softwares of your choice.

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  •  Fryrender: Candle tutorial
     by Oellas on 2008-07-22 06:27:14
    HTML / Viewed 1586
    In this tutorial Oellas will show you the creation of “ Fryrender Candle” scene by using advanced flame and sss materials within Fryrender with an emitter layer in the candle material in 3d max
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  •  3d Studio Max / Fryrender: Clock tutorial
     by Oellas on 2008-07-22 04:01:55
    HTML / Viewed 947
    In this tutorial Oellas will show you a few tips to create a clock in 3d max to render with Fryrender, the application of fry materials and light setup. and tone mapping and layer blending controls.
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